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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The question of destiny ?

The question of destiny is a very complicated matter to understand ..

However, I like and adopted the view of Syaikh Ibnu Atho'illah, the author of a famous book "Kitabul-Hikam", on this subject, he said: الغافل اذا اصبح ينظر ماذا يفعل، والعاقل ينظر ماذا يفعل الله به

Those people who fail to fail to understand that the true meaning of tauhid which is that everything is running according to terms destine by God, in the morning is worring about what he should be doing that day whereas a person with sound understanding of tauhid would see only what Allah had destined for him that day.

ابن عجيبة said in his kitab إيقاظ الهمم شرح متن الحكم:
الغافل هو الجاهل بالله ولو كثر ذكره باللسان والعاقل هو العارف بالله ولو قل له ذكر اللسان

الغافل - are those who are do not know Allah even though they do a lot of zikrullah with their tongue whereas العاقل are those who know Allah even though they do less of zikrullah with their tongue..

وقول عمر بن عبد العزيز : أصبحت وما لي سرور إلا فى مواقع القدر
And the saying of Umar bin Abdul Aziz: In the morning i would rejoice with nothing except with what Allah had destined for me.

May God opened our hearts to the proper understanding of destiny.. It is most important key to peacefull living..

(p/s : I am testing my new found skill - typing with arabic keyboard and at the same time enhancing my knowledge of arabic..)

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Afida Anuar said...

Rbain, baca tulisan dalam Arabic ni, kalau takde baris, pasti berterabur,salah baca..

By the way, thanks for this sharing..

Rbain said...

Not to worry as they are only saying of the Alim and not hadis or Quran.

Insyaallah i try with "baris" next time...